Collection: Sample Requests

Here is where you'll request a sample that you can either purchase or pick up and return to our store.

If you are requesting a free sample/s in person...

  • you must leave a minimum $25 deposit per item
  • the maximum amount of sample items allowed at any given time is 6, subject to change
  • all sample/s must be returned within 24 hours to our location, if we don't receive the sample/s back within 3 days you will forfeit your deposit

If you are requesting we ship you sample/s online...

  • all items we ship have a tracking number that you receive upon placing your order, we are notified when the item is delivered
  • from the date that you receive the delivery the sample/s must be shipped back to us via a shipping carrier with a valid tracking number and delivered to our location within 7 business days + recieved within 10 business days. You are responsible for the cost of return shipment
  • the tracking number must be emailed to us once sent
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